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Cleaning Tips 

Everyone has a cleaning tip to share. So, we are going to share some tips that we find as we research the web, articles, people we talk to and through experience.

  • You can keep the chrome in your kitchen, bathroom, etc. shiny longer by wiping with a soft clean cloth; using only a mild detergent and applying a light silicone wax polish used on cars then buffing it.
  • Stainless steel is easier to clean with hot water and detergent (Dawn) rather than any cleaner you can buy in the store.
  • To get rid of smells in your microwave put 1/4 cup of lemon juice in a cup and run it for one minute. Use the condensation to wipe out any food particles and stains.
  • Never use oven cleaner on an oven that is self cleaning!
  • Windex with scents such as Glade, etc. are terrible for glass! They leave a greasy film that takes weeks of cleaning to remove.
  • After cleaning a spot on the carpet keep a towel over the spot to absorb the extra moisture and prevent making the area worse by tracking on it.
  • Tough glass top stove stains can be remove with a razor blade.
  • After you cook a meal immediately spray down your stove top with a safe cleaning solution and let it soak while you eat and wash dishes. By the time you get to it everything will be loosened and you can simply wipe down to shine! Spray a second time if it dries up before you can wipe it down.
  • Having a good air filter for your furnace not only cuts down on heating/cooling bills it also controls the amount of dust you see in your home on a daily basis. (I use a Filtrete 1200 or higher)
  • Peroxide kills mold, bleach just bleaches it.
  • Dog sprayed by a skunk? Tomato juice is a myth! Make a solution a peroxide (not diluted), a tablespoon of baking soda and a couple drops of Dawn (for lather). Cover the dog in the solution, careful not to get it in the eyes! Rinse completely and dry. The smell will be gone just keep in mind darker colored dogs may be a little lighter after the bath.