The hardest part is getting started.

Many of us know someone who loves to collect things but refuses to throw anything away! Often times an illness, injury, some kind of difficulty in one's life can lead to a living situation that seems impossible to approach. While it may be difficult it is not impossible. But, going it alone is never a good idea. Having an objective outsider come in, take stock, formulate a plan and get everyone motivated is option to consider.

 We know this is a tough situation. Family members often get angry and refuse to throw things out. The living situation is so dire many are too embarrassed to ask for help. Rest assured you are not the only one in this situation. If that were the case this service would not be so popular.

The pictures below are of a recent job we have been working on. Every possible step has been made to preserve the anonymity of the residents. Permission is obtained before any photo is posted online.