Selling a home?


We can help make it happen! Our team has a strong history of getting homes sold, even when they have started out in the worst of conditions. We work with several Realty companies year round to make homes, condos, apartments, etc., look and smell great for potential buyers. Smell is the first impression for a potential buyer. Believe it. We use products that are aroma-therapeutic, not Lysol or Ammonia scented. Our homes smell fresh and inviting not sanitized. Image is next and we cannot be outdone when it comes to wowing potential buyers. We mean it when we say "So much more than good enough".



Buying a home is a huge investment and step in your life. The day you move in you want it to be yours, not have the smell and dirty remnants of the previous owners or construction crews. We get that. We scour, scrub, polish, clean, vacuum and basically make it new for you. No trace of the past is left. 


Check out our photo section for images of our previous work.

Realty references available upon request.

Services offered:

  • Pre-Sale Cleaning
  • Post Tenant Cleaning
  • Foreclosure Cleaning
  • Move In Cleaning
  • Move out Cleaning